Who we are

Christians are called to be the ‘Salt and Light’ of this world. Salt and Light Mission is an Evangelical Christian Ministry which aims to equip and motivate others to live as the Salt and Light of this world. We are focused on working with the diverse range of spiritually homeless communities who suffer from hopelessness, helplessness and are heavenless in our world today.

Our purpose

Is to live lives which reflect Jesus’ calling; to live as ‘Salt and Light’ in a world full of sin and to give glory to God’s name. We aim to be the Salt and Light within the darkest communities of Australia and the world globally, to motivate, make and support other Salt and Light Christians.

Our Vision

Is to motivate, equip others to live as the ‘Salt and Light’ that brings others to know God.

Set before man, as the prime motive of his existence, zeal to illustrate the glory of God.
— John Calvin



Challenged to live as Christ did, Paul Jang went to spend his Christmas with the people Jesus would on this day. With a team of young adults, they went out and sat with the homeless. This continued each week and it was clear that a private space was needed in order to form a deeper relationship with them. The Street Family Café started off very small in the borrowed hall of the Cross Culture’s Church in the city. Though it was small, it was having a large impact on the lives of the homeless.

The Café provided them with food, drink and basic necessities but most importantly it provided people who cared, listened and showed them love. It was these relationships that bought regular attendees and their friends.

By God’s grace a Street Family Chapel began where everyone who came would be able to hear the word of God preached.

This ministry which begun with serving the homeless in the City of Melbourne has now grown to ministering to busking service on Saturday Morning (Seed Chapel) and Young Adult on Thursday (Salt Campus) and a Woman’s ministry (Salt Eve) and (Embrace Conference).

As the ministry grows, we hope to continue to stay true to the original purpose that we had when we first started this ministry. We hope that all who come to be a part of our ministry, will remember the purpose and uphold our values when serving in Salt & Light Mission.